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Caught with my pants down (literally)

Be surprised in an embarrassing or guilty posture, as in We spent a lot of time preparing for the inspection; we didn't want to get caught with our pants down. This phrase presumably alludes to someone's pants being lowered to attend to bathroom needs but is not considered particularly vulgar. It is similar to off guard and, if wrongdoing is discovered, catch red-handed. If someone is caught with their pants down or is caught with their trousers down , they are discovered in an embarrassing situation or in a situation for which they are not prepared. Money that is likely to be spent quickly can burn a hole in your pocket.

Sometimes you need a belt to hold up your pants. If you have less money than usual, you may have to tighten your belt. You may have to live on less money and spend your money carefully. But once you have succeeded in budgeting your money, you will have that skill under your belt. I always praise people who can save their money and not spend too much. I really take my hat off to them. Yet, when it comes to my own money, I spend it at the drop of a hat — immediately, without waiting. And sadly, you cannot pull money out of a hat.

You cannot get money by inventing or imagining it. Boots are heavy or strong shoes. People who are too big for their boots think they are more important than they really are. I dislike such people. I really do. You can bet your boots on that.

Yet, truly important people are hard to replace. Rarely can you fill their shoes or replace them with someone equally effective. My father is an important person.

Reward Yourself

He runs a big company. He wears a suit and tie and a shirt with sleeves that cover his arms. Also, my father has never lost his shirt in a business deal. He is too smart to lose all or most of his money. This is because my father rolls up his sleeves and prepares to work hard.

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Trent Got Caught With His Pants Down! (PlayStation Surprise)