Cat Pies - feline historical trivia (non-fiction) by Grace Elliot. Did the Victorian's really eat cat pies? Who invented the cat flap? Do black cats bring good or bad.

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To my surprise, Molly gave the bag to me once again several days later.

Same ratty bag. Same stuff inside. I felt forgiven. And trusted. And loved. And a little more comfortable wearing the title of Father.

Altogether Lovely

Over several months the bag went with me from time to time. It was never clear to me why I did or did not get it on a given day. I began to think of it as the Daddy Prize and tried to be good the night before so I might be given it the next morning. In time Molly turned her attention to other things … found other treasures … lost interest in the game … grew up. I was left holding the bag. She gave it to me one morning and never asked for its return. And so I have it still …. So the worn paper sack is there in the box.

Such as I have, give I to thee. We may not know how precious they were until time shares that reality with us. He gives His name, His forgiveness, His provision of every need. Are you running so fast that the wonders of His love, those treasures are being swept off the desk of your life? When reading the Song of Solomon, take off the shoes from the natural man, for the ground on which you stand is spiritual ground. In our lost estate we belonged to the world. Bless God for redemption through the Blood!

He is Altogether Lovely - discovering Christ in the Song of Solomon

The verses of this section have to do with fragrance and beauty for here we have spices with a strong and very sweet aroma as well as beautiful camphire which was the henna flowers so abundant in Palestine. The spikenard was taken from its fibrous root. Spikenard imported from India came in carefully sealed alabaster jars.

Only when wealthy people had special guests would they break the seal of a costly jar to anoint their friends. What an act of devotion if was for Mary when she broke the alabaster box and poured it on His head Mk. It is also mentioned in the New Testament. Wise men brought it as a gift to Jesus at His birth Mat. Our Lord, after His death was embalmed with myrrh John Myrrh was a fragrant gum that exuded from Arabian trees. The tree is hacked, cut and beaten. Myrrh then exudes from the wounds!

He is altogether lovely! (William Dyer, "Christ's Famous Titles")

It was used as a composition with anointing oil Ex. Sometimes it was used as a purifying cosmetic Esther These flowers grew from a plant common in Palestine. The flowers were highly scented and yellow or white in color. Would you expect a man with wives and concubines to write a marriage manual? Surely plain teaching would be better. Look at Gen 2 Ephesians 5 1 Peter 3 and so on!

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AS I alluded to in the introduction , I believe that it is more this is a picture of Christ and his church. It reveals more than meets the eye! Mystery is one in bible speaks of One promised Messiah. It is a special book. Song of songs is a wonderful book. We believe the whole bible is inspired of God.

It is Gods word to men. It has been precious to many Christians through out the ages. Note The qs what is thy beloved Whither is Thy beloved gone? Who is this cometh up from the wilderness leaning upon her beloved ? What is Christ compared to other gods and other religions? Note the Personal aspect 3rd person singular.

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The Shulamite is speaking of her beloved! See how she describes him! See the affection the interest the love the devotion the singleness of mind. Wives would we speak of our husbands with such affectionate words. Husbands may we speak of our wives in such tender tones. I was with a lady this week and she said it is so good to hear the way we Christian husbands speak to and speak of our wives! He has always been and will always be! Rev 1.

Can you say this friend Yea He is. Not he was not He might be but He is. At some time he was mine but now no more! He is the rose of Sharon the lily of the valley the branch of righteousness Sun without spot lamb without blemish Tonight Christ is saying to you AM I all to you can you add your Amen? As Paul puts it Christ is all and in All. Altogether word of completeness Altogether in His entirety there is no part that is unlovely!

This description is profoundly deep after all thisis the eternal Son of God. Here this is not language of ethinicity. Word Perfect holy white sign of purity. Is this comment on His 2 natures white dazzling glorious and yet like a Man made in the form of a man sinful flesh Phil His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven. Gold thoughts of wisdom.

Locks black and bushy Head and locks symbols of distinguished nobility. Vitality Samson had 7 locks what a head of hair! His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk, and fitly set. Eyes lit Hebrew doves eyes. Omniscience sees everything As dove rises sees a lot more but our beleoved sees all things. One thing to have our eyes on him by faith!

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Another that His eyes are on us all the time! Character of Christ: Zealous. Christ is God: Acknowledged by his Apostles. Christ is God: As Creator of all Things. Christ is God: As Emmanuel. Christ is God: As Eternal. Christ is God: As God the Word. Christ is God: As God, the Judge. Christ is God: As Husband of the Church. Christ is God: As Jehovah.

He Is Altogether Lovely

Christ is God: As Jehovah of Glory. Christ is God: As Jehovah of Hosts. Christ is God: As Jehovah, the Shepherd. Christ is God: As Lord of All.