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Created by F I S H. This is an updated version of my Level Design Contest winner: Aftermath. I have been given permission to update the scenario before it gets added into Scatter Bomb Set. Created by Morphologis. Included in the set are 3 different types of scatter bombs. All included are built for survival, and are retrievable. They are automated with timer blocks and group settings, which can be modified in accordance to target distance and desired grouping. Scarab Mk. Has 2 landing gears in each wing which will allow you to latch on to enemy ships. Scarab Hauler.

Created by The MoSS. Industrial hauler with some reasonable protection. Ship is pressurized and has backup batteries and a few solar panels. Most control panels are accesible without jetpack. Hauler has 2 emergency rafineries, 2 arc furnaces and 2 assemblers.

Fast Gun RC Warship Combat 1

Weight and size i Created by Kiviar. Function: Adds the light armour construction block for use as decorative scaffolding. Created by DuneD. Place you in a sceneraio close to Saturn with 5 moons, each one with different ore types. Each moon has small natural gravity for ships, players, floating objects, plus artificial spherical gravity to let the player walk without the jetpack.

Each moon has a Satellite Repeater with rotors. Created by QC Phantom. This is a satellite used for relaying messages between stations or in long chains of satellites. There is a small amount of uranium in the backup reactor and a few extra parts in the storage. This is the original satellite I uploaded. I had to modif Created by Lord Commissar.

Created by Sergeant Kelly. Then this is the mod for you! This mod is a small part of an ongoing project to get multiple factions into the game. Caution: The Rebel fleet has been sighted in your sector! Get your guns ready and shore up your defenses! Created by sanchindachi Known Issue : knee collapses when crounching. Combining these blocks, you can make city or ship carrier. I made this mod inspired by my neigborhood so it looks like japan Saith-1 Mk-1 World.

Barcos de guerra favourites by MarcoArdi on DeviantArt

Created by TheBeastFeast. Most mods that are "Required" are not actually required, So please do ignore the massive list, subscribe and load the world without problem : Extremely effective at medium to long ranges, and capable to handle situations at short range if need be. Saint Peter Griffin Mk. Created by Dance Commander. Small cargo ship and a tiny shuttle colored in white and green Saint Basil - a Sisters of Mercy hospital ship.

Created by PusPaw.

Sage Station v3. Even though, it will last you far longer than a normal starting station would. Sage Skins Series 1.

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Has DX11 Has "functional" Dx9 for the most part. Don't expect the "hood" to be fixed. DX11 everything works.

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These skins are alterations of the original astronaut skin, I took the original texture, overlayed patterns to them, as well as did a few m Created by w4stedspace. Part of the collection from my Drone Special.. Sabot Torpedo. Created by Thomas Foolery. I designed this for use in my Vaygr Battlecruiser, which has torpedo tubes that face out the top of the ship. I probably wont implement this into the battlecruiser until I can add some sort of TV guidance system or something though.

I thought some people m Created by Skeloton. S3 - Welder. Created by Brubaker. The twin brother!

It's the same desing as S3 - Grinder but adapted to different missions. The other capabilitues are the same. If you prefer dowload one of them and change one welder for a grinder and you'll have a mix of both. Maybe it could be better! S3 - Sharp v2. Fully equipped. That ship has been optimized in comparison with the first design. It has been changed the big reactor not need so for 4 small reactors with 0. S3 - Sharp.

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This is the first military ship I've published. It's a Destroyer. It has a armored block layer protecting all the shell. S3 - Ranger. I'm really proud with this ship design and appearence. S3 - Outpost Here you are, because my colection followers have asked for a space station example builded with my set. First chose an asteroid and plan the puropse of your station in orden to prevent your stiation grow too much. Then you have to build a base square S3 - Miner.

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This ship was the first mining ship i designed. Later i designed Auto-mining drone based in this one. You can pilot this ship or drive using remote control. S3 - Medium Freighter. This freighter is better and bigger than the light freighter I published some days ago. S3 - Light Freighter.


This is the first ship I publish. It's a small freighter. S3 - Grinder. Here your are!!! My S3 - Grinder. S3 - Comm Relay. This ship was designed some weeks ago and it was the base to develop the solar panel module for the space station modules collection. This ship only can be commanded through antennas, it's a big drone to expand your communications area.