Cat Pies - feline historical trivia (non-fiction) by Grace Elliot. Did the Victorian's really eat cat pies? Who invented the cat flap? Do black cats bring good or bad.

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Senior leaders who think they know everything? Leaders who bully and belittle others? Leaders who shirk responsibility? The answer is none of the above.

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At its simplest, reflection is about careful thought. But the kind of reflection that is really valuable to leaders is more nuanced than that. The most useful reflection involves the conscious consideration and analysis of beliefs and actions for the purpose of learning. Reflection gives the brain an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, consider multiple possible interpretations, and create meaning. This meaning becomes learning, which can then inform future mindsets and actions.

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  5. If you have found yourself making these same excuses, you can become more reflective by practicing a few simple steps. Despite the challenges to reflection, the impact is clear. From the quiet reflection, will come even more effective action. She is a graduate of Bates College and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, an experienced operations executive, and an executive and team coach. Managing yourself.

    Jennifer Porter. Executive Summary Research has shown that reflection boosts productivity. Another error you might easily make in dating is expecting to find perfection in the person you are with. The truth is, the only perfect people you might know are those you don't know very well. Everyone has imperfections. Now, I'm not suggesting you lower your standards and marry someone with whom you can't be happy. But one of the things I've realized as I've matured in life is that if someone is willing to accept me — imperfect as I am — then I should be willing to be patient with others' imperfections as well.

    Since you won't find perfection in your partner, and your partner won't find it in you, your only chance at perfection is in creating perfection together. There are those who do not marry because they feel a lack of "magic" in the relationship. By "magic" I assume they mean sparks of attraction. Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, and I would never counsel you to marry someone you do not love. Nevertheless — and here is another thing that is sometimes hard to accept — that magic sparkle needs continuous polishing.

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    When the magic endures in a relationship, it's because the couple made it happen, not because it mystically appeared due to some cosmic force. Frankly, it takes work. For any relationship to survive, both parties bring their own magic with them and use that to sustain their love. Although I have said that I do not believe in a one-and-only soul mate for anyone, I do know this: once you commit to being married, your spouse becomes your soul mate, and it is your duty and responsibility to work every day to keep it that way.

    Once you have committed, the search for a soul mate is over. Our thoughts and actions turn from looking to creating. But what about those who despair of ever finding an eternal companion? First, don't give up. Go to activities, meet people, and do all you can. I know that dating can be rough. Rejection is one of the most painful things we can experience.

    Trust me, I know how this feels. I fell in love with Harriet long before she fell in love with me. But this didn't stop me — not at all. I found ways to be in the same place she was. When I was administering the sacrament at church, I arranged to pass it to her family.

    I was doing the best I could to impress her, but I think she found me a little immature. The sparks simply weren't there for her. I despaired of ever convincing her that I could be anything more than a friend. I went away, joined the Air Force, and then traveled half a world away to attend pilot training in the United States. It wasn't until I returned to Germany having completed my training as a fighter pilot — years after I had first met her — that this beautiful young woman looked at me and said those magical words I had been longing to hear: "You have matured since the last time I saw you.

    I moved quickly after that, and within a few months I married the woman I had loved for a long, long time. So don't give up, brothers and sisters. Just because you have been rejected a time or two — or three or four, or a couple hundred times — don't despair. Brethren, the secret to finding the girl of your dreams is to get to know many of them and then, when you fall in love and it feels right, ask her to marry you.

    If she says no, you continue to search and to pray until finally you will arrive with that young woman at the altar of the temple.

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    Just don't give up. Now, sisters, be gentle. It's all right if you turn down requests for dates or proposals for marriage. But please do it gently. And brethren, please start asking! There are too many of our young women who never go on dates. Don't suppose that certain girls would never go out with you. Sometimes they are wondering why no one asks them out.

    Mirror, Mirror – Making sense of what I see in the reflection

    Just ask, and be prepared to move on if the answer is no. One of the trends we see in some parts of the world is our young people only "hanging out" in large groups rather than dating. While there is nothing wrong with getting together often with others your own age, I don't know if you can really get to know individuals when you're always in a group.

    One of the things you need to learn is how to have a conversation with a member of the opposite sex. A great way to learn this is by being alone with someone — talking without a net, so to speak. Dates don't have to be — and in most cases shouldn't be — expensive and over-planned affairs.

    When my wife and I moved from Germany to Salt Lake City, one of the things that most surprised us was the elaborate and sometimes stressful process young people had developed of asking for and accepting dates.

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    Find simple ways to be together. One of my favorite things to do when I was young and looking for a date was to walk a young lady home after a Church meeting.

    Too Much Introspection Can Kill You

    Remember, your goal should not be to have a video of your date get a million views on YouTube. The goal is to get to know one individual person and learn how to develop a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex.

    Now, there are those among you fine young members of the Church who might never marry. Although they are worthy in every way, they may never find someone to whom they will be sealed in the temple of the Lord in this life. There is no way for those who have not experienced this despair to truly understand the loneliness and pain they might feel. I know of many women who want more than anything else to be a wife and a mother, and they cannot understand why their prayers have never been answered. There are many single men who, for whatever reason, also find themselves alone.

    First, let me tell you that your prayers are heard. Your Father in Heaven knows the desires of your heart.

    Mirror, Mirror: Looking for Reflections of Self | HuffPost

    I cannot tell you why one individual's prayers are answered one way while someone else's are answered differently. But this I can tell you: the righteous desires of your hearts will be fulfilled. Sometimes it can be difficult to see anything beyond the path immediately before us.

    We are impatient and do not want to wait for a future fulfillment of our greatest desires. Nevertheless, the brief span of this life is nothing in comparison with eternity. And if only we can hope and exercise faith and joyfully endure to the end — and I say joyfully endure to the end — there, in that great heavenly future, we will have the fulfillment of the righteous desires of our hearts and so very much more that we can scarcely comprehend now.

    In the meantime, do not wait for someone else to make your life complete. Stop second-guessing yourself and wondering if you are defective. Instead, seek to reach your potential as a child of God. Seek learning. Become engaged in a meaningful career, and seek fulfillment in service to others. Use your time, your talents, and your resources to improve yourself and bless those around you. All of this is part of your preparation for having a family.

    Immerse yourself in your ward or branch and seek to magnify your callings, no matter what they may be. The great purpose of this mortal existence is to learn to fully love our Heavenly Father and our neighbor as ourselves. If we do this with all our might, mind, and strength, our eternal destiny will be glorious and grand beyond our capacity to imagine. Be faithful, and things will work out for you.

    That is His eternal promise to all who love and honor Him. A third question young people have is "Can I remain faithful? Others give in to temptation that lures them away from the safety of the straight and narrow pathway of discipleship. When I was a pilot, I often saw an interesting weather phenomenon as I flew between Europe and Africa. It is called the intertropical convergence zone — a band of thunderstorms that moves north and south across the equator, filling the horizon with billowing, menacing columns of clouds.