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We cannot take rest as long as there is in the world one soul in danger, who does not yet know the Immaculate. Our human frailty, limited resources or any other worldly difficulty must not restrain us; let us confide in the Immaculate, let us place ourselves truly in Her hands and She will continue to win the battles of God, as at Lepanto, as at Vienna.

We must place our Lady in every soul so that from every soul sin be expelled and Jesus introduced. Who finds the Immaculate, finds Jesus. The Immaculate is the conqueress of the devil, is the Mother of God, always united to God, the full of grace, the masterpiece of grace with every holiness and perfection attainable by a human creature. Let us pray to the Immaculate, let us trust in the Immaculate, the conqueress, faithfully awaiting the day in which a knight of the Immaculate will raise high above the Kremlin in Moscow the white standard of the Immaculate.

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I find myself before so many Professors, so many distinguished representatives of theological thought and ecclesiastical learning. When will there arise a Library of the Immaculate to chant and to perpetuate the glories of the Immaculate? How many are willing to undertake this laborious and glorious task?

To collect, to organize and to pass on all which speaks of the Immaculate along the course of the centuries: Sacred Scripture, the Supreme Pontiffs, the Holy Fathers, the Doctors of the Church, the Theologians and Saints. To create a doctrinal and historical corpus where all can attain knowledge of the mystery of the Immaculate, can grow in devotion, admiration and love of the Immaculate — not only the clergy and religious, but also the simple faithful throughout the world: what a worthy monument to God who willed to give us the Immaculate; what a lighthouse for non-believers; what a bond of love to unite us evermore to the Immaculate!

May all nourish themselves on this truth so as to enter into the thought of God who willed the Incarnation to give us much more than what we had lost in Adam, and who in the Incarnation willed the Immaculate to remind us of the innocent man created by God and of the vision of an innocent world, according to the plan of God. To God all glory, to God our respectful love and our praise, who willed thus to exalt and glorify the Immaculate.

Mother of this dismembered and sinful humanity, our Hope, always. Returning to Venice in he was arrested by the Inquisition.

His case was eventually called to Rome, where when asked to abjure not his philosophical system, but the heresies it contained, he refused. He was then turned over to the secular arm and executed by burning in the square known as Campo di Fiori. To his death he remained a very influential figure in Italian intellectual circles. It does not seem St. Maximilian ever had any knowledge of Fatima at least there is no record of any such which, if true, shows the complementarity of the two events more to be a work of Heaven.

Feb. 11, Our Lady of Lourdes

When one recalls how at this moment the martyrdom of Catholic Spain had only begun, one can appreciate all the more the profound Marian faith of St. Maximilian, the true significance of his prophecy can be seen. On the prophecy itself Fr. Maximilian during his visit to Piglio, Feb.


Quirico understood this phrase to mean a trial to occur in the City of the Immaculate and one he himself would have to endure. He St. Maximilian repeated to me this phrase about the bloody trial prova di sangue several days later in Rome after the conclusion of the academy of the Immaculate in the friary of the Holy Apostles, Feb. I remember distinctly that on this occasion he noted that this bloody trial was necessary.

Maximilian and to the trials and tribulations of Niepokalanow during the War and the period of cruel Nazi occupation. Near 40 years have passed c. Time will tell. That of Fr. Maximilian had been a last-minute addition to the program at the insistence of Fr. Di Lillo had been forgotten even by the scholars. Di Lillo, Incontri con Padre Massimiliano, cit.

She suffered from asthma. The financial situation continued to deteriorate and at the start of they had to accept accommodation in the cachot, a former jail. The family lived in one room barely four metres square with sparse furnishings. Severe poverty made it necessary for Bernadette to be sent to a friend in Bartres, where she spent some months helping in the house and caring for the sheep in the solitude of the hills.

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She longed for the affection of her family — she was longing, too, to receive her First Communion and so returned to the cachot shortly after her fourteenth birthday. On 11 th February , Bernadette with her sister and a friend went to collect firewood.

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When she reached the rock of Massabielle, Bernadette heard a gust of wind and noticed that a wild rosebush in a niche in the grotto was moving. A gentle light brightened the dark recess and there stood a beautiful girl, dressed in white with a blue sash and a yellow rose on each foot. She was smiling, with her arms spread in welcome. Bernadette prayed the rosary but when the apparition beckoned her closer she did not dare approach.

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The grotto as Bernadette would have known it Toinette forced her to tell of her experience and told their parents. Bernadette was forbidden to return. But on 14 th February they relented and allowed her another brief visit. She took some holy water with her and when the apparition appeared again she sprinkled her with the water telling her to stay if she came from God, to go away if not. Again, her parents were unwilling for her to return, but there was a rumour that the apparition was the soul of a saintly dead parishioner and to ascertain the truth Bernadette was allowed another visit in the company of a family friend.

She took paper and ink with her so that the apparition could write her name.

All Day in Lourdes France

She was informed that this was not necessary. Her story met with intimidating interviews from the civil authorities and scepticism from the church.


Roman Conferences of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe -

Those who accompanied her grew from a handful to thousands from around the region. They would see Bernadette in ecstasy as soon as the apparition appeared: she felt no pain when the flame of a candle was in contact with her bare hands. Pray to God for sinners. The following day the crowd saw Bernadette at the back of the grotto scraping in the mud, drinking the muddy water that had appeared there and smearing her face with it. She then ate the leaves of a bitter plant that was growing nearby.