Cat Pies - feline historical trivia (non-fiction) by Grace Elliot. Did the Victorian's really eat cat pies? Who invented the cat flap? Do black cats bring good or bad.

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Miraculous, Maxim and the Silver Man: Back to Pompeii by Patricia A Greenburgh

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Patricia A Greenburgh. Pickup not available. Add to List. The pensionary de Witt, though he was not entirely blinded by the delusive representations of France and England, yet it is certain that it was a long time before he perceived in how great danger the republic stood. The state was at this time torn by three different factions. The second, which were at that time stiled the faction of the De Witts, were for keeping close to the perpetual edict, and extinguishing the stadtholdership, which they looked on as an office incompatible with the freedom of the state.

To attain this great offers were made to the king of England.

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But all Edition: current; Page: [ lxvi ] this came too late, the French king had made the English ministry sensible of his bounty, to the full extent, and they repaid him by involving their master first in an attempt on the Smyrna fleet, and then in an open war, which was declared in the latter end of March, in conjunction with France r. The states in this distress appointed deputies to go to the army, and at the same time named Cornelius de Witt sole deputy on board the fleet, to which he went immediately, and was attended there with a guard, and all other marks of sovereignty, as representing the states general.

He behaved bravely in the battle of Southwold-Bay, sitting on the deck of the admiral and giving orders, under his canopy surrounded by halberdeers. De Witt from the body, they carried it out and nailed it to the gallows s.

On the 11th of June the same year, the pensionary De Witt Edition: current; Page: [ lxvii ] was assassinated at the Hague, by four persons, one of whom was an advocate, his name Jacob Vandergraef, who was taken and lost his head for it on the 29th of the same month. After this attempt, in which the pensionary was dangerously wounded, the states, at his request, gave him a coadjutor t. It happened that Cornelius de Witt was still at Dort, sick of the distemper on account of which he had left the fleet. Yet at last, moved by the prayers and entreaties of his wife and children, he subscribed; adding after his name, the letters V.

On the 2d of July, the states of Zealand removed the latter of these causes, and the very next day the states of Holland repealed the perpetual edict and declared the prince their stadtholder also, which dignity he very readily received w. The cries of the people against the de Witts became louder and louder, and that they might not seem to clamour Edition: current; Page: [ lxix ] without cause, they gave out that the pensionary had diverted the secret service money to his own use, and had thereby defrauded the state of above 80, guilders a year.

The pensionary upon this applied himself to the prince, and besought him, since all power was now in his hands, to suppress these insolencies, and to do him justice to the people. This answer had, as might have been expected, a bad effect, as it seemed to give some degree of credit to the charge x. The people, said he, hate me, and their hatred must be the more violent as it is absolutely without a cause. They will therefore dislike every thing that passes through my hands, and instead of yielding any assistance to his highness, I shall be a constant dead weight on his interest.

Sarah Silverman

As to the compliment he is pleased to make me, that my authority under a stadtholder shall be as great as it was before, it is what I least desire. I never sought power, but as it might enable me to serve my country, and I sincerely wish that his highness may be able to render the republic greater and more successful services, and that from a heart as faithful, and as warm with zeal. His highness received him very dryly, and though he conversed with him an hour, yet the pensionary saw plainly, that it was impossible to gain his friendship, but at the expence of being his creature y.

On the 4th of August Mr. John de Witt addressed himself to the states of Holland, in order to procure his dismission from the post of pensionary, which they granted, after they had thanked him for his faithful services for the space of 19 years. After this he employed his time in drawing up a state of the finances, for he was not satisfied with having clean hands, he thought that one who had exercised so long the office of first minister to so powerful a republic, ought not only to be guiltless, but exempt from all suspicion.

It is not strictly my business, and if it were I should not find it very easy to assign the causes of those mischiefs which befell Holland in The wife, brother and friends of Cornelius de Witt presented several petitions and informations to the court to vindicate the defendant; insisting upon the services he had done to the state for a great many years, and that he was but just returned home from the fleet, where his very enemies would bear witness to his courage and conduct.

To which her husband answered, that if what he had to propose was good, he would do what he desired; but if otherwise he might get him gone. And so bidding him farewel, he was let out of the house by her servant, after he had staid about a quarter of an hour. That de Witt, reflecting upon what had passed, sent for the town clerk, gave him an account of what the fellow had said, and desired him, since he was not able to go himself, that he Edition: current; Page: [ lxxvi ] would go to the present burgo-master, and get a warrant to take up and examine the barber.

It fell out very unfortunately that the pensionary, who had been sent for by his brother, went to him, contrary to the advice of his friends; and as he was bringing him out of prison, in order to depart, according to his sentence, a woman cried out to the guard of burghers, who stood before the prison door, What the Devil! But in the mean time all the companies of burghers came in arms about the prison, drew up in good order, and would suffer no man to go in, for fear of an uproar.

A groundless report was in the mean time spread, that the mob of the neighbouring villages and towns had taken arms, and were coming to plunder the Hague. Upon which many requested, that the de Witts might be carried to the town-house, where they would be kept securely, without any trouble.

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Others cried out, let us tie them to the gibbet and shoot them. The Ruard van Putten left behind him a daughter who was afterwards married to her cousin Mr. The names of the sons were Cornelius and John, and they resembled in every respect their grandfather so nearly, that all the true friends of their country saw with delight these worthy representatives of a family, which had done and suffered so much for the safety and liberty of their country m. The truth is, the virtues of these great men were so resplendent, and the services they had rendered their country so many, and of such high consequence, that when death had exempted them from the pursuits of envy, even those who had persecuted them living, did justice to their memory.

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  7. When king Charles II. His highness had reason indeed to say this, for the pensionary de Witt was much more careful of his education than any of his own family. He was industrious, vigilant and indefatigable in business, sober, modest, always serious, but withal courteous, easy, affable and agreeable in every thing he did.