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It feels like the MEE Concert music releases a million tiny workmen into my system to find and fix the problem areas. I even feel comfortable not wearing a wig while my hair grows back. Thank you! Director, Valley Hospital Medical Center.

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It appears to de-escalate their anxiety levels. After doing this for the first few meetings, I am able to use just mellow music for the rest of the groups because they seem to be able to shift on their own — into a more calm state — when they enter the room. Poteete, Elementary School Counselor. One-of-a-kind, unique observations that help me personally and through me, all my clients.

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During the slower music I felt the crashes I would experience in the past. Then I would come back up and try again.

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  • How Music Influences the End-of-Life Experience.

The music repeated the same thing that I had been through. That period of my life ended, and love began [tears -- with the music], and that was very moving. Then I felt the joy toward the end that all of that has brought me. Wood, Real Estate Executive. I thought the man behind me had hit me with his fist. But I realized the blow was below the level of the chair back, so it couldn't have been from an external source. Upon discussion with a class facilitator the next day, she suggested it was my heart chakra opening.


I have had a slipped disk and some leg pain since , but recently I noticed the pain has gone away since the charka-opening event. Pain medication would not work. The doctor said if I could only relax, the pain meds would work. For 2 years I was unable to relax.

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I could finally relax and the pain medication worked. The MEE recording eliminated these attacks and the need for Xanax within three weeks of daily listening. Each persons experience of music is unique and may not reflect your own experience. I never felt as deeply as with a MEE recording. The most powerful change happened when I moved into a new dimension of peace. Sadness and anger just flow through me and move right out. I now realize that feelings are a gift to experience life, rather than holding them back.

I would like a whole lot more of this. Spiritual nourishment. Fitzgerald, Assoc. Judith's Peace recording has solved this problem. Cadwallader, University Professor. Bennett, Social Worker.

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And then a miracle happened. Join Now Log In. Caregiving Topics End of Life Articles. Send To:. Your E-Mail:. Your Name:.

Prescriptive Music for Mental Health

Your Last Name:. Send Email Cancel. The mission of hospice providers is to help people live their last months or weeks of life in the most comfortable, dignified and satisfying way possible. This worthy objective has become a passion of mine since the first time my family benefited from their care. However, one little-known hospice service was missing from our experience. It is called music-thanatology and is it the growing field of using music as an aid in the dying process. This recording features concert harp blending perfectly with deeper-pitched Native flutes, including the year old Anasizi flute.

Hidden truths that expand with each listening. When the music begins, the whole body listens. Like tone poems music that tells a story , this music is full of stories, images, and landscapes. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, accidentals were often not notated, with the composer relying on the performer's knowledge of musica ficta to provide the correct pitches.

Ornaments were also not typically notated, and were left to the performer's taste; there are treatises from the time e.

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Silvestro Ganassi's Opera intitulata Fontegara on how to tastefully improvise ornaments and other elaborations called divisions. Starting in the Baroque era, there was an increasing trend to write out at least partly ornamented lines though much was still left to taste. However, articulations and dynamics, while occasionally indicated when important, were often left unmarked.

On the other hand, there was also the creation of basso continuo, which took a relatively non-prescriptive, improvisatory approach to accompaniment.

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Beethoven was one of the first composers to specify precise tempos in terms of metronome beats e. I think Jazz probably provides a good modern counter-example, where there is an incredibly non-prescriptive notation. You might be given a lead sheet with chord symbols, and expected to decorate the melody line, substitute chords, and improvise various fills and counter-melodies on the fly.

Music notation is presciptive.