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I also enjoyed meeting people of similar and higher intellectual levels of myself with similar educational interests. I was so fortunate to have taken part in this amazing program, and I feel like I am one big step closer to what I want to pursue in the future. I got to meet so many people who I will be sure to stay in touch with.

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Everyone is friendly, approachable, and willing to help with anything. These are relationships I hope to maintain in the future, and have helped me to grow as a person and a scientist. I loved having my eyes opened to the way of life of a university research, and getting to experience other people's passion for STEM.

I feel like I have found many people with whom I share a common interest, and I feel like a more mature student and overall person because of my experiences here.

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Would love to do it again. This addressed both her passion for STEM and for research. Select your top three choices of research teams in the following engineering fields:. Please aim to arrive at Shine Night Walk London one hour before your start time. Make sure you plan in advance, especially as you'll be travelling at night. We've created this handy journey planner for Shine Night Walk London for extra advice.

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Sadly, bowel cancer still claims around 43 lives each day. Each year in the UK, over 9, people are diagnosed with tumours that start in the brain or elsewhere in the central nervous system. With almost women diagnosed every day, breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK.

And, although it is rare, around men are also diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Each year, around 1, children are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. Thanks to major advances in treatment, around three-quarters of children with cancer are now successfully treated.

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But the disease claims around lives every year, so our groundbreaking research must continue. Five year survival rates for leukaemia have more than tripled in the last forty years. But despite this progress, around 4, people still lose their lives to the disease every year.

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in the UK. Each year more than 43, people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK, and the disease claims almost 35, lives. Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in UK women, with more than women every week being told they have the disease. Survival rates remain very low in the UK, often because the disease is diagnosed late and is difficult to treat.

We urgently need to find better ways to detect and treat the disease and we are committed to doing this through our research.

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The first step is to decide what sort of foil effect you want, in terms of color and finish. By showing the foil supplier a sample of the substrate you wish to use, and the foil coverage you hope to achieve, he should be able to determine the best foil and release to use. Then, the printer and foil supplier should identify the correct release, thickness, and pressure to ensure that the foil will work well on the specified substrate. An essential part of this process is pretesting on the actual stock to be used. A foil that works on one paper is not necessarily going to work on a different type—nor should it be expected to do so.

Likewise, a lightweight stock may require an easier release than a heavier weight of the same paper. As for all papers, folding with the grain direction is preferred. We recommend a rounded channel score with a minimum width of 2. Hot-melt glue is also suitable, but is more expensive, and standard glue will likely provide a better, smoother lay down. If using adhesive tape, two 3M brand formulations are commonly used. Printers we have consulted tell us they use the stronger of the two for pocket folders and other cover applications. The less expensive tape seems to perform fine initially, but tends to pull apart easily when something is placed in the pocket. As for any secondary print or finishing process, if gluing over a printed area, other variables come into play.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Printing and Use information included here, or need information about any other topics.