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A cool compress can combat these symptoms.

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When you first start taking certain MS medications , you may feel a bit like you're coming down with the flu. This is common and yucky, but short-lived.


Once your body gets used to the medication, this side effect will go away. And remember, if any reaction you have to medication is so bothersome you can't tolerate it, your doctor should be able to switch you to another medication, so don't hesitate to speak up. While this is understandable, it's important to know that side effects can usually be managed or reduced with specific strategies and careful monitoring. New treatments for MS are being developed and studies all the time, but it's important to understand that it takes a long time for any medication to become available to patients.

It has to be proven safe, approved by the U. Food and Drug Administration, made in enough quantities to be distributed, and included for coverage by insurance. So while it's a good idea to stay on top of MS research , it could be to your disadvantage to wait around for a new drug. Remember: The sooner you begin treatment for MS, the more effective it will be. There's no doubt about it: MS is an expensive illness to have, and the economic burden can sometimes be just as draining as the physical and mental toll.

If money for your MS meds is an issue, know that there are resources to help you pay for treatment. One includes financial assistance sometimes offered by the medication manufacturers. When you first find out you have MS, it's likely any relapses you have will be infrequent and mild. In fact, they may seem so easy to deal with you'll think you can just ride them out or treat them with prescription medications or simple lifestyle modifications.

Even if your symptoms are dramatic, such as loss of vision from optic neuritis, you may be able to get by with a short course of Solu-Medrol a high-dose corticosteroid given intravenously. At this stage, it may be tempting to continue like this, dealing with the symptoms as they come and enjoying symptom-free remission periods.

The problem is, allowing relapses to happen puts you at risk of developing a permanent disability. What's more, Solu-Medrol can have serious side effects.

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How these needs are met is crucial to the empowerment and healing of children. My experience as a child life specialist has enabled me to see the challenges of families living lives with illness. Growing up with a mother who has Multiple Sclerosis, I have actually felt many of these challenges.

It is my hope and pleasure to share with you a bit of knowledge that may aid in guiding your child through this difficult time. Have faith in your ability as parent, teacher, and friend.

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You hold the power to light your child's way. The author, Kimberly Whitfield Harrold, was a young child when her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Scle-rosis. She lives in central New York with her husband and 4 year old daughter. Gobe are days of gardening in a lammie and beanie. Keep up the awesome work. Love aunty L. Like Like. I hope you find plenty of peace or opportunities to sing loudly in your garden this summer.

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  • Oh Sarah that is such a lovely read along wiht the pics. Some food for your next book that I want to buy. Lovely to see your Darn Cute baby and your elegantly comfortable if rather pre-occupied chair. I think the mistake most people make is trying to do it all in one go. Your 15 minutes of weeding a day will get you there in plenty of time. He was such a cute wee baby, now he is a strapping young teen and just as lovely!

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    If you have nice places to sit in the garden you are more likely to actually use them, : o. Hi Sarah, as an M. It is indeed frustrating wanting so much to do things in the garden and being too dizzy, sore, tired to actually even get there. I so admire you. For those of us with gardening genes, we will always find a way to wriggle around our health issues in order to garden!!! Good luck with your orchard, just read about your harrowing experience — think at some stage all of us have done that.

    Happy gardening.

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    Cheers Sarah : o. Like Liked by 1 person. Thank you for sharing this. I just purchased all my fall seeds, seed starter, planned it all out, and then relapsed. I think there are more people out there than is realised who have invisible illnesses. I feel like gardening saved me and I would be lost with out it. Having said that the window to get things done is often long and wide and can be worked around.

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    All the best with your health. I hope you find a way to keep it under control. You are an amazing girl..

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    How I love the idea of different days for different parts of the garden. My biggest problem is I keep on working.. Thanks so much. I think I would keep working if I could as there is so much to do, but I have an internal alarm that makes me stop. Probably a good thing really. How lovely to find you! I too have MS and have spent years trying to hide it. My garden is one of the most important things in my life and I worry more about loosing it than almost anything in my life.

    May the ghost on our shoulders stay light and the thumbs green! Hi Cathy. Sorry it took so long to get back to you with this reply.

    Common Fears MS Patients Have About Treatment

    I have been through a challenging time recently — surprisingly it has nothing at all to do with the MS! Enjoy your garden. You are commenting using your WordPress.