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Then again, the character of Jerri Blank portrayed brilliantly by Amy Sedaris was not like most people and "Strangers With Candy" was not like any other situation comedy on TV. When the series premiered on April 7, , viewers were introduced to a year-old former drug-addicted runaway prostitute who had returned home to live with her family and re-enroll at Flatpoint High School after 32 years of leading a life of decadence and crime in society's filthy underbelly.

The premise of an unattractive pre-menopausal ne'er-do-well returning to high school, along with her corrupting influence, was the foundation for every mishap, misdeed, and misadventure that arose in each episode of "Strangers With Candy" , which was conceived to be a twisted spoof of those preachy ABC After-School Specials that flourished in the 's.

Strangers With Candy

The folks at the Comedy Central cable channel chose "Strangers" to be their first original live-action series, having already worked with the same creative team on the sketch comedy series "Exit 57". Amy and Paul were a couple at the time. They found that they both needed some time to warm up to Stephen, and vice versa, but they've been an inseparable trio ever since. For "Strangers" , they took the basic "fish out of water" situation, which has been a key element in most comedy classics for millennia, and turned the concept inside out.

In 'Strangers With Candy,' Amy Sedaris's Jerri Blank Is Streetwise and Starting Over

Even people who belong in high school often feel out of place, so you don't have to be thirty years older than everyone around you to feel like an outcast. But here is a woman who should stick out like a sore thumb, yet she ends up blending in with the rest of the freaks and geeks.

Every primary character on this show is a misfit, in one way or another. The secondary characters, especially the popular students whom Amy Sedaris refers to as the "Alpha Girls" , seem to thrive in the school's harsh environment, enjoying their ephemeral high school glories while shunning anyone who is less than perfect.

Jerri Blank , however, not only accepts, but revels in her own imperfection. She doesn't seem to realize that the most attractive boys and girls in the school might be out of her league. The other fish flopping around on the deck of the S. Flatpoint were: Guy Blank played by Roberto Gari: Jerri 's catatonic but active father; her only supportive family member. Chuck Noblet played by Stephen Colbert: Flatpoint's Jerri -hating history teacher; a closet homosexual. Geoffrey Jellineck played by Paul Dinello: Overly sensitive and narcissistic art teacher, but the only faculty member from whom Jerri will seek counsel; Noblet 's secret lover.

And there was a host of regular supporting players, too: Orlando Pinatubo played by Orlando Pabotoy: Jerri 's best friend; a Filipino whom Jerri often compares to a chimp. Stephen Colbert himself acted in the show as a closeted, gay teacher. That's right, Stephen Colbert "pretended" to be gay.

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Upon being released from jail, she takes advice to continue where she left off, literally, and goes back to high school for the second time around, becoming a 46 year-old freshman. The show also stars Stephen colbert as Chuck Noblet; a short-tempered, homosexual, married, History and Social studies teacher, and Paul Dinello as Geoffrey Jellineck; the effeminate, self-absorbed, and emotional art teacher at Flatpoint High who harbors a "secret friendship" with fellow staff member Noblet.

Greg Hollimon finishes up the immaculate cast as Principal Onyx Blackman, the sexually active and conceited high school principal. In search of the grossest pick-up lines of all time? Look no further than Strangers with Candy. Jerri is a character the likes of which we will probably never see again. She becomes an advice columnist and suggests a girl let her boyfriend have sex with her, without using a condom. Jerri gets pregnant. Jerri is sexually involved with a guy who wants to keep it a secret because she is so, well, revolting.

Strangers with Candy

Another episode centers on Jerri falling for a boy who ends up being her son. This is… not a dealbreaker for her.

10 Trashiest Quotes from Strangers With Candy

Jerri has sex with her new boyfriend, a virgin, and they are later named Lord and Lady of the upcoming dance. Then, Jerri finds out from a former sexual partner that he has syphilis, and she has been exposed to the disease.

Oh, and Jerri forgot to tell Jared about the syphilis, so now his body and mind are falling apart. Both Noblet and Jellineck begin the episode with cold sores.

Strangers with Candy - Series | Comedy Central Official Site |

As the episode goes on, the cold sores get worse and worse, and by the end of the episode, when they happily show off their cold sores at the STD Dance, they are truly disgusting. For example, that new series Not Safe with Nikki Glaser seems to essentially presuppose that saying something sexual qualifies as a joke. Again, this show was the brainchild of Sedaris, Colbert, and Dinello.