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Keeping Your Space Energetically Clean with Lena Stevens

You are either born a shaman, or you are not. No spirits equals no shamans.

The most important teachers of a shaman therefore are the spirits. Without the spirits a shaman is nothing, and the spirits teach the shaman, who becomes their apprentice. My extensive education program in health care, management, communication, coaching and training parallels my business career. I started my own coaching company in , and since then it has evolved into a boutique change agency with affiliates in Switzerland and California. I work as an executive coach, trainer, and change management specialist supporting individuals and businesses of all levels from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations to implement change in a positive, enriching and sustainable manner.

I always end up feeling stronger and more motivated after reading a few passages or doing some of the exercises. I have always thought of Shamans as mystical "healers" who give and give, but now I am starting to see them more as Chiefs who lead and help others find their power. Trying to see difficult people and situations as having "potential" has greatly helped me to cope with frustration and feel more peaceful.

These principles of business and of life are timeless Published by Thriftbooks. This book is a 'must read' for anyone working to be truely successful in their business and personal life. It is also a must read for those who tend to think of Shamanism as primitive, unenlightened or somehow unnatural and not connected to the 'real' world.

In fact through-out his book, Jose Stevens uses example after example from the world of nature as a way of teaching us to look to nature to help guide us in our business practices. Recently we have been given one example after another of corporate practices that have not followed the path of 'true power' or what Dr. Stevens refers to as 'The Path With Heart. It is also being read and used by numerous staff including the CEO.

This is not a 'one shot' read but a book to be studied and used as a guideline for ethical and successful business and life practices. It is filled with deep insight and knowledge. This is a book about true power. Ready for the new corporate world? Let's go! Published by Thriftbooks. This book does an excellent job of describing the path of power and its elements.

There is a difference between moving along the linear path to power or taking the one of the shaman, the path with heart. Our current business environment follows the linear path which is solely focused on the physical world and rarely venturing from the visible to the invisible. This book is extremely relevant right now as we are going through a transformation of corporations. Taking the view of the Shaman, which incorporates the more spritual side of the equation creates a balanced path which leads to success not just for the CEO, but for all concerned, employees, shareholders..

Jose and Lena Stevens have studied shamanism with shamans from all over the world. Their ability to take these esoteric concepts and apply them to an organization is really quite brilliant. A corporation is really a tribe and the dynamics for success are the same as in a tribe. Their descriptions of successful groups and their functioning is fascinating. I know for myself it will enhance my experience of working with corporate teams and make things a lot more productive. Jose' is a Basque-Mexican-Irish American who, with his wife Lena, are some of the most sought after organizational consultants in the industry.

The base or root chakra is red and is your seat as you sit so your tailbone , this is your connection to all that there is, your ancestral chain and the centre that grounds you to this earth. The sacral chakra is orange and is found in your lower abdomen, this deals with relationships of every kind eg money, sex. The solar plexus is yellow and is found just below your diaphragm, this is where you find courage, anger and it governs your boundaries and how you present your Self to the world. Your heart chakra is green and is found in the middle of your ribcage, this is the centre for love.

Your throat chakra is turquoise and is the centre for self-expression and creativity. Your third eye is indigo blue and is found just above your eyes in your forehead. This is where you gain insight. Your crown chakra is purple and situated on top of your head. It is your spiritual connection to all that there is. Shamanic journeying is an energetic experience, that will stay in your memory and change the way you live.

Each journey is unique to the individual and in that is a personal experience that unfolds to help you. Meditation can be scripted, copied, repeated. Shamanic journeying will take you where you need to go in order to help you in your spiritual growth and personal and business development. Channelling is a natural form of communication between our reality and the spiritual realms.

A Shaman is the bridge between and is able to translate spiritual information that comes through in the form of symbolism and imagery. Every channel person able to hold and understand this communication does that through their own filter. Through their own perception. In my opinion, to channel effectively, I must be clear.

When I say clear, I mean I must to the best of my ability, work on my own self and my own inner world in order to create a neutral place with which to receive and interpret this information. When I work with my clients or with groups of clients, I expand my consciousness and invite information to channel through me for their greatest good, based on what they are wanting to learn or discover about themselves. What comes through is always relevant to my clients and groups of clients.

We are all connected and often there is a common thread of information that touches the hearts and minds of many when the information is brought through. What alternative programmes do you have coming up soon? Business retainer application only What is a business retainer?

About Rakhee - Shaman Rakhee

I work closely with the business owner and directors inviting them to ensure their energy is aligned to the vision of the business. Strategy and business innovation will add value and build profits, but if the culture within the business is not nurtured, understood and expanded upon that growth can stall. I offer business leaders the opportunity to innovate their minds and to use their unique energy to build long-term sustainable growth that is advocated throughout their business structure. Every business owner knows that their own energy drives the growth of their business, their vision and their motivation is what creates success and expansion, personal growth and development therefore will ensure that growth does not stall when challenges occur.

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If you are interested in discovering more about yourself than you thought possible, this is for you. If you are interested in building a business with ease and flow ie. Without hustle this is for you. If you have reached a ceiling in your business or feel stuck in your life and are looking for answers yet coming up blank this is for you.

If you are used to working really really hard in your business yet realise this is not what life is about, this is for you. If you want to expand your spiritual gifts and harness the power of your energy, this is for you. My YouTube Channel. My Blog. Money makes the world go around, yet it gets bad press.

Reward Yourself

As a collective culture we have many different conditioned beliefs about money. That, together with our own deep beliefs around our own worth means that money can be an elusive energy in our life. How we earn money is deeply connected to how we feel about ourselves.

How to do a Shamanic Journey to Lower, Middle, Upper Worlds

Our behaviour, thoughts and beliefs are largely governed by our subconscious mind, so when different parts of our lives are not as we want them to be the best place to look is within. Shamanic journey is the most effective way I know to do that. It helps you to move past your logical mind, and all that you already know to discover more about yourself than ever before. If you want to earn more money, it is likely that you have unconscious beliefs that are stopping you from doing that.

Shamanic journeying will open the door to what lies beneath the surface of what you know, and gift you ways to unravel your beliefs and change your thoughts and behaviours. Success is something that our culture attaches to external things, e. Yet true success is being who you are and living with a deeper meaning, a purpose.