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So this is a re-examination of what those words mean. I want to focus on just the verbs: take, have, hold, love, and cherish. The taking is the choosing. I take you. The having covers the time from when you dance back down the aisle as newlyweds up until the day you or your spouse dies. Whatever comes, the one thing I now take for granted is that we will face them together.

I have you. It names all the actions through which you continue to pursue one another, even though your commitment to the other is no longer in question. For the having to be enjoyable, one has to spend some time holding. And even if you have, were you really paying attention? Were you engaged in active listening?

Or did you just ask The Beatles how their day was and then not really listen to the answer? Holding is about intimacy. Holding is all the habits that keep the having healthy. One way to think about the difference between having and holding is to consider the difference between baptism and Eucharist. Baptism is to have.

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And Eucharist is the holding. Of course you did. Most of us naturally think that love is the necessary precondition for marriage.

But in reality the opposite is the case. Love is the adventure of discovering again and again what you meant when you said your wedding vows. Which is to say, there is no way you could have fully comprehended or anticipated the implications of what saying those words would have on your life.

You cannot have known what these promises would require of you in the future. At my wedding, our preacher said to us that there comes a moment in every marriage when you realize the person you married is not the person you always pictured. And at that moment you have to decide whether to tear up the picture or tear up the person. Love is tearing up the picture. Everything is building up to the word cherish. Think, for example, of things that you hold with two hands, things that are precious: like a diamond ring; like a treasured family heirloom; like a newborn baby; like the eucharistic bread.

Holding precious things in two hands is what it means to cherish.

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But they are things that we just sit around and stare at nonetheless because we take delight in their sheer existence. I take delight in you. And God has us. God holds us. Chris and I had completely uncooperative weather on our wedding day — literally a tornado hit — our baker had written the date down wrong so up until an hour before the reception we had no cake and moments before the ceremony my bridesmaids were cleaning the mud out of my wedding dress.

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Still, we had the most fun we have ever had in our lives. My goal with photography is to capture moments in their realness, the moments when people have the most genuine smiles and most authentic demeanors. Hometowns: Gloria is from St. Peters, Missouri, and Tyson is from Jackson, Missouri. The couple resides in Jackson.

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I blindfolded Gloria and took her to a big field where we used to do cross country workouts in college and where we went the first time we ever hung out alone. I read a passage from the Bible and asked her to marry me. After she said yes, I took her to the track where all of our friends and teammates were waiting for us, cheering. I like to go into photo sessions with more of a documentary approach.

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Austin Sander matched the floral in his custom Air Jordan 1 Retros with his tie — a nod to his passion for athletic footwear — when he married his wife Madeline, whom he met in art class during high school. The best part of the day?

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Hometown : Jackson, Missouri. Now residing in Kansas City, Missouri.

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  • Austin and I both spent the majority of our childhoods outside until the sun went down. So for our wedding, I drew a lot of inspiration from that time in our lives. I just wanted something soft, simple and fresh. To me, this meant weightless fabrics, lots of greenery and vintage details borrowed from everyone in the family.

    My photography blends fine art and fun. I love being able to show an event as it took place — true, clean color is more my style.